Years of experience

DebtorFree brings together a team of innovative and forward-thinking debt recovery legal professionals. With over 12 years of expertise in specialized international debt recovery, we have successfully served a diverse clientele, including banks, public companies, municipalities, transportation, and construction firms, as well as individuals undergoing the debt collection process.


Network and dedication

With a well-developed foreign debt collection process and a network of trusted partners, we can offer operate and effective debt recovery.

We aim to make the payment of your debt a priority for the debtor.


Advice and representation

Our debt collection agency offer a complete range of international debt recovery services: everything from advisory counsel, pre-trail debt collection to full court representation abroad.

We help our Clients to save money and resources

Advanced Solvency Assessment:

By leveraging sophisticated data analysis tools, we conduct in-depth evaluations of the solvency of debtors. This allows us to provide our debt collection clients with comprehensive insights into the financial health of their debtors, enabling strategic decision-making. Our advanced solvency assessments go beyond surface-level information, ensuring that our clients have a nuanced understanding of the debtor's ability to meet financial obligations. This proactive approach helps save our clients both time and resources by focusing efforts on viable debt recovery prospects.

Asset Visibility and Risk Mitigation:

Our commitment to resource efficiency extends to evaluating the available assets of debtors. Through meticulous scrutiny, we identify and assess assets that can be leveraged for debt recovery. This targeted approach minimizes the risk of pursuing unproductive avenues, saving our clients from unnecessary expenditures. Additionally, our assessment includes a thorough examination of the debtor's potential preparation for bankruptcy, allowing our clients to adapt their strategies and navigate potential legal complexities effectively. This proactive stance not only saves costs but also positions our clients strategically in the debt recovery process.

Strategic Mediation and Communication:

Recognizing the importance of maintaining positive relationships for future cooperation, we represent our clients' interests in direct contact with debtors. Our approach emphasizes strategic mediation and effective communication to resolve disputes without escalating into direct conflicts. By acting as intermediaries, we facilitate constructive dialogue, allowing debtors to understand the implications of non-payment while preserving the possibility of future cooperation. This diplomatic approach not only saves our clients from potential legal battles but also fosters an environment conducive to maintaining business relationships beyond the debt collection process. Our goal is to not only recover debts but also to safeguard and enhance our clients' long-term business interests.

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